Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Pascal Langdale on Theatre, Tech and Technique

Media Arts Futures: In Conversation with Pascal Langdale, Actor, Teacher, and Co-Author of "Performing for Motion Capture"

Moderated by Alison Humphrey

Presented by the Department of Cinema and Media Arts, York University

March 29, 2022

About Pascal

Pascal Langdale is an actor and teacher known for his reliable versatility across multiple media. He has worked in TV, film, voice and video game, and has been described as the “Swiss Army Knife” of Mocap. Head of the Canadian branch of The Mocap Vaults, he is a movement specialist with an expertise in nonverbal behavior, bringing characters to life through voice, body and psychology. 

Pascal's most recent mocap work includes Far Cry 6 as a body double, and the voice of Bagley in Watch Dogs: Legion (for which he as nominated for a Canadian Game Award), also contributing to many of the 'Play as Anyone' NPC's, as actor and movement choreographer. He has worked on numerous video games since his first role as Ethan Mars in Heavy Rain, including voice, mocap and performance capture, actor performance matching, reverse ADR, facial capture operation and demo production.

A born Londoner, Pascal is a graduate of the 3-year acting course at the UK's Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, and made Toronto his home in 2011. He has credits in supporting roles in more than 100 TV, film roles, in the past decade in Canada, these include Killjoys, Bitten, Suits, and the recent Randal Okita movie, See for Me. 

With John Dower, Pascal co-wrote Performing for Motion Capture, the world's first in-depth resource for the education of the next generation of actors in digital production, including interviews with over twenty experts in all stages of the pipeline.