Monday, March 23, 2020

Left-Handed (2002)

A student film I'm very proud of.

The round hole...the square peg. If neither bends, which will break?

A left-handed boy is just beginning school. In 1979 China, conformity is a matter of survival, so his teacher convinces his father to correct his 'problem' for the boy's own good.

At home and at school, the boy struggles to understand his place in the world, guided only by the sage advice of an ambidextrous street-corner barber.

Then one day, his father sprains his right wrist in a bicycle accident...

Left-Handed Canada, 2002, 10 min

Daniel Yan, Arthur Cheng, Xiao-Ming Yu, Xingfa Zhang, Fu Yu

Director: Baoqi Ye
Producer: Alison Humphrey
Screenwriter: Baoqi Ye & Alison Humphrey
Editor: Peter Yu
Cinematographer: Jeff Maher
Original Score: Kirk Elliott
Sound: Rob Turi
Design: April Viczko
Produced in the Sheridan College Advanced Television and Film program, 2002.
Distribution: The Movie Network, Air Canada, Cathay Pacific Airlines,
2004 Chicago International Children's Film Festival – Montgomery Prize Certificate of Excellence, Best Film or Video by an Emerging Director, Baoqi Ye.
2003 Canadian Society of Cinematographers Awards – Best Cinematography, Student Category, Jeff Maher.
2003 WorldFest Houston – Gold Award, Graduate Level Student Production
2002 Anchorage International Film Festival – Best Super Short Film
About the Director
Baoqi Ye graduated from Tongji University in Shanghai, receiving his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Industrial Design. Ye worked for Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Shanghai first as Art Director, then as Creative Group Head. He has created dozens of commercials for clients like Vespa Scooters, Siemens Home Appliances and Beck's Beer. The Beck's campaign won both Gold and Silver medals in the Times International Chinese Advertising Awards organized by Taiwan Times Newspaper.