Friday, June 26, 2015

One step closer to the Holodeck...

Connected Worlds by studio Design I/O: a large scale immersive, interactive ecosystem developed for the New York Hall of Science.
"The installation is comprised of six interactive ecosystems spread out across the walls of the Great Hall and connected together by a 3000 sqft interactive floor and a 45ft high waterfall. Visitors can use physical logs to divert water flowing across the floor from the waterfall into the different environments, where children can then use their hands to plant seeds. As the different environments bloom creatures appear based on the health of the environment and the type of plants growing in it. If multiple environments are healthy creatures will migrate between them causing interesting chain reactions of behaviours. 
"The installation is designed to encourage a systems thinking approach to sustainability where local actions in one environment may have global consequences. Children work with a fixed amount of water in the system and have to work together to manage and distribute the water across the different environments. Clouds return water from the environments to the waterfall which releases water to the floor when it rains."
(h/t Nick Pagee!)

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Full-length video of The Augmentalist at AWE 2015

This live presentation, the grand finale at last week's Augmented World Expo 2015, features Pascal Langdale as "The Augmentalist", with real-time animation powered by Dynamixyz Performer.

The eight-minute demo is followed by a four-minute behind-the-scenes talk by Pascal Langdale (performer, co-writer, producer) and Alison Humphrey (director, co-writer, producer) about The Augmentalist and the 2014 project that informed it, Faster than Night.

This story didn't actually start here, though. 

The previous day, our "augmented mentalist" worked his digital psychic mojo one-on-one with any visitor who stopped by our fortune-telling booth on the Expo floor. For more details, see these photos from the expo floor, and this teaser trailer:

And throughout the Expo's last day, leading up to his presentation as the grand finale, The Augmentalist introduced several keynote speakers, starting with the grandfather of VR and AR, Tom Furness:

Followed by renowned science-fiction author David Brin:

And finally Google Project Tango lead Johnny Lee:

Aug-ust company!

The Augmentalist
Presented June 10th 
at Augmented World Expo 2015 
in Silicon Valley, California.

Performed and co-written by Pascal Langdale
Directed and co-written by Alison Humphrey
Facial capture operator Solène Morvan

Performance capture powered by Dynamixyz
Facial animation by Centaur Digital and Dynamixyz

Produced by Motives in Movement
in collaboration with Dynamixyz and Augmented World Expo 2015

With development support from
and the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council

Monday, June 15, 2015

Photos of The Augmentalist at AWE 2015

Pics from Augmented World Expo... Huge thanks to Ori Inbar, Tom Emrich, Gal Yaguri and the whole AWE 2015 team for three incredible days of futurevision!

Augmented World Expo Day 3: "Inspire" (AWE via Flickr)

Pascal Langdale "in camera" (AWE via Flickr)
Augmented World Expo @ARealityEvent: "Have you had your devices read yet? Check out the Augmentalist, a digital psychic #AWE2015 #AR"

Kara Platoni @KaraPlatoni: "The Augmentalist advised me to be true to my adaptability and that the future would be rosy indeed. #AWE2015"

Sean White @seanwhite: "Looking behind the curtain at the @ARealityEvent #awe2015"

Augmented World Expo @ARealityEvent: "Our digital psychic the Augmentalist reads Tom Furness @VRWorldSociety #AWE2015"

Augmented World Expo @ARealityEvent: "Johnny Lee of Google Project Tango talking to the Augmentalist #AWE2015"

Kevin Arthur @karthur: "Black Mirror time at #awe2015?"

Augmented World Expo @ARealityEvent: "The Augmentalist finale is live #AWE2015"

Augmented World Expo @ARealityEvent: "Just witnessed the grand finale with the death of The Augmentalist #AWE2015"

Augmented World Expo @ARealityEvent: "The team behind The Augmentalist @alisonhum @pascallangdale #AWE2015"

Friday, June 12, 2015

Synetic Theater Gets Wet Wet Wet

I need to see this company live. At first I thought the water was a projected digital effect (as in Crystal Pite's The Tempest Replica), but nope – those folks are soaked!

Synetic Theater's The Tempest – multimedia design by Riki K.

(Hat tip to Matthew Olwell)

Monday, June 8, 2015

Trailer for the Augmentalist at AWE 2015

If you happen to be in Silicon Valley tomorrow, drop by Augmented World Expo for a fortune-telling session with The Augmentalist!

Animated using Dynamixyz Performer Realtime

Performed by Pascal Langdale

Directed by Alison Humphrey

Written by Alison Humphrey & Pascal Langdale