Friday, May 2, 2014

Ground Control

(Originally published on as part of Harbourfront Centre's HATCH 2014.)

Major Tom gets all the airtime, but there's a whole lot more going on backstage in Houston. Meet some of the amazing tech crew on Faster than Night.


Dynamixyz Performer specialist Solène Morvan tests custom iPhone head-motion-tracking developed by SIRT Centre:


Maziar Ghaderi is the show's Live VFX Switcher and Visual Media Manager (and a brand-new OCAD Digital Futures Master of Design!):

Ryan Webber, an Isadora Pro User, handles Interactive AV Design and System Integration:

Ryan Webber

LaLaine Ulit-Destajo is the show's Sound Operator, but also programmed two custom Twitter API interfaces in Processing:

LaLaine Ulit-Destajo

The show's Assistant Interactive Writer and Assistant Live Story Editor is Heather Gilroy (at right, with Alison Humphrey, photo by John Jacques):